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Microphlebectomy, sometimes referred to as an Ambulatory Phlebectomy, is a minimally invasive procedure to treat painful, tortuous varicose veins. During the procedure, varicose veins are permanently removed through tiny incisions in the skin. Veins are hooked and removed.

Microphlebectomy is not a new procedure, and dates back 60 plus years when a Swiss Dermatologist developed it. In Latin, micro means “small,” phleb means “vein,” and ectomy is the suffix that means, “to remove.” Taken literally, Microphlebectomy means removal of veins through small incisions. This is precisely what is done.

Unlike the earlier form of Ambulatory Phlebectomy that often required painful incisions, large scars, and downtime post-op, a modern Microphlebectomy leaves tiny incisions, and only requires a local anesthetic and will have you on your feet immediately after surgery.

Before Your Microphlebectomy

Before your procedure, you will meet with Dr. Harding at the Vein Center of New Mexico in Albuquerque. During your consultation, Dr. Harding will educate you on the different types of varicose vein treatments, and tailor your treatment based on the severity of your venous insufficiency.

During Treatment

After you are administered a local anesthetic, Dr. Harding will make small incisions (2-3mm) over your mapped varicose veins. Since you will be positioned horizontally, the blood in your veins will drain and collapse, making removal easy. Even very large veins can be extracted through these small incisions.

The local anesthetic serves several functions during Microphlebectomy. It numbs the area so you won’t feel any pain, and helps express the blood from the vein, while separating the vein from the surrounding connective issue.

What to Expect After A Microphlebectomy

Microphlebectomy is a minimally invasive, sterile procedure, and the risk of post-op infection is less than 0.5 %. So, other than bruising that resolves within a couple weeks, you may experience a small amount of pain near your incisions for a couple of days. An over-the-counter pain reliever like Ibuprofen or Tylenol is all that’s prescribed, but in most cases, even the pain reliever is unnecessary. Application of Arnica gel twice a day for one to two weeks will greatly diminish bruising.

Most activities can be resumed the very next day (in some cases even the same day), but you should avoid strenuous activities like swimming and heavy lifting for two weeks. Despite the urge to dip in a pool during a hot Albuquerque summer, or hike the Sandia Mountains, we recommend you fight the urge and simply walk daily for at least one mile.

Last, we’ll prescribe compression stockings to wear for 21 days post-op to accelerate increased blood flow in your good veins thus avoiding any risk of blood clots while promoting healing.

Microphlebectomy (Ambulatory Phlebectomy) in Albuquerque

Having your Microphlebectomy in Albuquerque versus any other climate plays no part in the outcome of your procedure, pre-op through post-op. Though symptoms of varicose veins are often worse during hot weather, your Microphlebectomy remains a minimally invasive, efficient way to treat varicose veins year round.

For more information regarding your Microphlebectomy in Albuquerque (Ambulatory Phlebectomy), call us at (505) 247-4849, and discover which varicose vein treatment is right for you. Remember, the Vein Center of New Mexico in Albuquerque is the first and oldest center devoted entirely to the treatment of venous disease.

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